The plan I’m following to reach my goal of £9 million by 2036.

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How I’m going to reach my lofty financial goal in 15 years

Since financial education and planning is taught so little in school, most probably assume it’s unimportant. But the reality is that without some financial planning, the likelihood that you will reach your goals and ambitions is significantly lower. Both financial education and financial planning are extremely important in understanding and growing your money. If financial planning is the roadmap to where you want to go, financial education is understanding how to deal with the obstacles on that roadmap.

When I came up with my goal of £9 million in 15 years, it wasn’t just a random number. It was the result of careful planning and calculations. I utilised my understanding of stocks, the market, and my return on investments to craft an achievable plan. A plan that if I follow, will generate £9,000,000 in the next 15 years.

Now most people will probably balk at that number and for good reason. For most of our lives we have been trained to simply earn money through a job. A job that hands you a paycheque regularly that you can then take and spend on your bills and possibly some entertainment if there is anything left over. And with that mindset, what kind of job will ever pay us over a million dollars a year? That’s over £83,000.00 a month. It’s ridiculous to think about, and almost impossible to even comprehend.

Of course that thought process isn’t wrong, there are very few jobs that would ever hand you a paycheque worth £83,000.00. But there are still millionaires and billionaires being created every day, so what do they know that we don’t? I believe it all starts with financial education, and understanding that money isn’t just something we use to pay bills. Money is a tool that can be used to make more money, and one of the most popular ways to use that tool is in the stock market.

The media and financial gurus do an excellent job making the stock market seem like an extremely complicated subject that only the “wall street guys” can understand. But I will tell you right now that isn’t true. In fact, if you have a retirement account, you are already a participant in the stock market. The money that is deposited into your retirement account is being invested in the market up until the time you retire.

Investing in the stock market is as easy as opening up an online brokerage account, funding the account, and then purchasing the stock of a company. Now obviously you will want to know what you are buying into, similarly to how you might look up reviews on a new TV you want to purchase. But the opportunity is there and waiting to be utilised.

Weare all busy people between our jobs, family, and other obligations. It doesn’t leave a whole lot of time to research and look through a ton of companies and see how they are doing financially. That’s where services like the Trading 212 Pie System come in to help. The system was specifically designed to be easily understood and accessible to people who are just getting into the investment world.

Trading 212 is an investment platform that allows you to get started investing with as little as £1. It also offers the Pie System, which is a first of its kind portfolio builder that allows you to put together a custom group of stocks similar to an ETF. An ETF is a group of securities such as stocks that are traded together. For example; in your retirement account your money is generally used to purchase ETFs. That means when you add money to your retirement account and buy more ETF stock, you are actually buying a number of company stocks.

The pros of an ETF is that your money is automatically spread out into multiple investments which give you a better chance of owning a stock that does well, this is called diversification. Diversifying also helps manage risk in the same way, your money is spread out so if one stock does poorly, it can be countered by another stock performing well. The downside to ETFs is that they usually charge a management fee in order for you to purchase them, as well as not being able to manage what stocks the ETF has in its portfolio.

The Pie system is different. With the Trading 212 Pie System, you can create your own “ETF” so to speak. The system provides you with information from the last 5 years of each stock’s performance, showing if it has increased or decreased in value. You can then select that stock and add it to your Pie along with the other stocks you choose.

From there it will show you a calculator that uses the 5 past years of performance to see how much money you could make depending on how much you invest in a certain time frame. This can greatly help establish realistic financial goals, and provide the blueprints to the financial roadmap you need.

If building your own portfolio sounds like a lot of work, you can also select portfolios built by other people. You can see the one I created for my plan here. While searching for other Pies, it will show you a wide range of information such as the yearly estimated return, as well as how many people have commented or shared it.

One of the greatest tools to assist in sticking to your goal is the ability to automatically invest into your account. Once you use the calculator to establish your goal and find out how much you would need to invest regularly, you can set the app to withdraw those funds on a regular basis. This will help to keep you consistent and make sure your goals are achieved.

Ifused properly, the Trading 212 Pie System is a tool that will help you achieve your financial goals and dreams. The most important part of becoming successful in life and investing is being consistent. Create a solid plan and stick to it. If you are interested in trying out the Trading 212 Pie System, then check out this link here. Or go to and enter promo code: FfWDmsLx. This will give you a free stock of up to £100 to start out.

While your results aren’t guaranteed, the data provided is based on the last 5 years of performance and can get a good idea of future performance. Even if the performance isn’t spot on, the likelihood that your financial situation will be better off is considerably high. So take the first step in giving yourself the life that you deserve.

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