How To Become a Good Speaker? 17 Simple Tips

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let's know 17 ways to be a good speaker
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Even an ordinary person can stand out from the crowd if he is a good speaker! If you are afraid of the name of a group seminar, a meeting, or going on stage, your feet tremble at the thought of addressing the crowd, or when you convey your point to the person in front, he ignores your words. Then this article can help you.

So let’s know 17 ways to be a good speaker:

1) Prepare:

You too can be a good speaker!

This is the first and most important point. Your preparation should be done according to the topic on which you are going to give a speech, the place and the group in front of which you are going to speak. Give yourself enough time to prepare, make full use of google, newspapers, library and create great content, rehearsal it in front of mirror, if possible listen to recording of your speech and correct mistakes. Remember, no matter how well you know how to speak, if your content is not good then it will not work.

You can also understand the importance of preparation from this statement of Mark Twain, one of the greatest writers and humorists of all time:

“It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.

“It usually takes me three weeks to prepare an unprepared speech.”

2) Think that you have to come out successful:

The biggest formula for success is that you never give up. Don’t even think about defeat. If we give the message of failure and defeat, then our defeat is certain, its reverse is equally true.. So always give the message of success and confidence to the mind and mind, as an output, you will always be happy and the body will also move forward accordingly. Will be ready.. If you always and every time say to yourself that “You can do it for sure, you have that quality in you, then you will accomplish it successfully..” So believe in yourself with full confidence Express your views in front of the audience, surely you can win the hearts of the audience.

3) Connect with the Audience:

Always try to connect with the audience, if you have been to their city before, repeat those things, keep the memorable moments of that city in front of them. Talk about the rare monuments of that place. If you know some people even in that countless crowd and they are reputed, mention them respectfully.

Always try to do such things as if you yourself have been associated with that city for a long time, there is a lot of love and affection in your heart towards those people and you yourself love that city very much. The more these things come out of your heart, the more the audience will like you, no one likes fake things. And the more the audience likes you, the more they will trust you.

Try to say things well.

Like instead of saying:- If you want to make this city of yours beautiful, then you have to remove pollution!

Put it in different words and say this:- If we want to make this city beautiful, then we all have to remove pollution together.

4) Speak without seeing the speech :

If you want to be an effective speaker, you must be able to speak without looking. Of course, you can keep some notes with you, or you can take the entire speech by typing it. But your practice should be such that the listener feels that you are speaking, not reading.

Again, it is better to speak the right things by looking at it than giving a bad speech without seeing. Therefore, if you are not comfortable speaking without seeing, then instead of trying it on a big occasion, you can try to do it on small occasions. Anything can be learned through practice, so to become an effective orator, you have to be proficient in the art of speaking without looking.

5) Maintain Eye Contact:

A good speaker always looks into the eyes of the audience while giving a speech, doing so shows his self-confidence. You should also keep in mind that instead of looking here and there, you look at the audience. And also note that you are not only looking at these few particular people on one side, but you are looking at the whole group in turn.

6) Talk about interest: 

If you want to be a successful speaker, you should always keep in mind the preferences of the listener. When you give a friendly atmosphere to the listener, talking about their business, their problems, the listener never feels lonely. Small stories of your life and things related to their life, small happy moments, when you come in the middle of your speech, it does not take long for the listener to adopt you. When we discuss a particular achievement in front of them, their mouths are wide open in response, because they are astonished to hear how all the speakers came to know!

7) Do not panic if you make a mistake:

It is not a wrong thing to pronounce something wrong or get stuck in the middle of the speech, provided you handle this situation smartly. On such occasions, you can also give it a twist of humor, or simply continue the speech by saying, “Excuse me”. Everyone knows that speaking on the stage is not so easy, in such a situation it is natural to make small mistakes and there is no need to panic for this.

8) Always avoid condemnation:

Avoid criticizing the audience or the things related to them, when you are giving your speech, your full attention should be on the audience and it should always be kept in mind that what comes out of your mouth will have a full effect on the person in front. Many times we condemn an ​​area and its disturbances in a strong and shrill voice, but due to this condemnation, we are not able to make a place in the heart of the audience! If you ever said that the audience here is not supporting, or said that there is no dearth of talent here but this city is not suitable for talented people, then the chances of the audience getting angry will increase a lot. It may also happen that they are not able to control their emotions and there you may have to bear the humiliation too!

See, you can’t change things overnight by criticizing, so instead of focusing on a deficiency, it is better to talk about ways to overcome that deficiency, and the same will be good for your listeners.

9) Win hearts with praise:

Give genuine praise by opening the heart of the audience, because praise is the best way to win hearts. Listeners are very intelligent, they know the difference between butter and reality very well.. If you have gone to a college to give a speech and you say to the students:- “You all are the best students in the world” or “We have not seen a good and promising student like you till today” then the children will understand that you are just applying butter!

But if you say: – “Children, seeing you all reminded me of my college life. You all welcomed me so well, applied tilak on my forehead. I found this very touching. Old memories are refreshed, my mother used to apply tilak on my forehead, thank you all for reminding me of her!”

Then they will like it. In this way you can win the heart of the audience through praise in just two words..

10) Never start with humility or apology:

Many people feel nervous as soon as they go on stage, in such a situation many people start with forgiveness. They begin with lines like, “I didn’t even deserve to be here but you invited me here” or “You gave so much respect to a little guy like me” or “I’m sorry for not being here for so long.” Found..”

If you are starting your speech by apologizing or showing humility then you are just wasting the time of the listeners. It never makes a good impression on the front. Talk on that topic for the purpose for which you have been invited and leave. If you have to apologize for any reason, then say your point in simple words in the middle of the speech, but never start the speech with an apology.

11) Be a normal person and speak your mind:

Some people start thinking of themselves as big as soon as they go on stage and the listener is completely normal! Never underestimate your audience because you are standing on the stage because the audience is there to hear you. Instead of bragging about big things, like an ordinary person, convey your words to the audience in simple words. It should always be kept in mind that big and literary things are good only for praise, but simple things directly affect the heart of the listener. The more a person speaks by connecting with the land, the more fame he attains.

12) Use wisdom, not copying:

Many people copy the speech of others to the exact audience, but the listeners who have heard the same speech will not waste their time again to listen to it. So work with your intelligence and mind. Begin your speech with simplicity in words. Try to make your own identity in any speech. Your feelings which express your heart and body in a normal state can never be born out of imitation of others.

13) Use Humor:

Humor or humor is a great weapon of good speakers. The use of humor in the middle of the speech keeps the audience engaged and also prevents serious subjects from becoming monotonous . There is an important aspect of humor, “laughing at yourself”, doing so reveals the humility of your personality. You can make the atmosphere pleasant by keeping any funny experience related to you among the audience.

Humor also has a dark side, if your timing is not right then it can also have the opposite effect on the audience. So if you are proficient in this art then do not try forcefully. And also keep in mind that never make any joke about any religion, race, sex, etc.

14) Always be upbeat and excite the audience:

Always keep yourself positive on the topic on which you have been called to give speech. Your whole enthusiasm should be reflected in your words and body. You must have ever seen an auction being held, how the keynote speaker bids with full enthusiasm that on seeing it attracts everyone so much that people bid higher than their status. If you are going to take your speech to the audience, then take yourself to the peak of enthusiasm.. Your confidence and enthusiasm will secure your place in the hearts of people.

15) Complete the speech in a given time :

Sometimes people start well but go on dragging their point so much that the audience gets bored. Speaking in short words is an art, and a good speaker knows this very well. Therefore, complete your point in the amount of time you have been given for the speech. Remember, a good speaker is not the one who only knows how to start a speech well, but he is also the one who knows how to stop at the right time.

16) Don’t forget to thank :

Gratitude is one of the best feelings in the world. At the end of the speech, do not forget to thank the organizers, sponsors, listeners, etc. for their cooperation. Along with doing everything well, if you thank people from the heart, then it works like icing on the cake, never miss it.

17) All is well if the end is well:

The end of the speech should be impressive. At the end of the speech, people should be motivated, or they should feel good. Many leaders make slogans like Jai Hind or Vande Mataram at the end for this. This cannot be done everywhere, but you can use some Quote or any good quote. Ending the speech on a positive note makes it memorable and people remember it for a long time. So pay special attention to how the speech ends.

Friends, no matter what speaker you are today, with practice, patience and preparation, you can become a high-level speaker. So, keeping these things in mind, start your efforts and join yourself in the category of great speakers.

Thanks & All the best !

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