Failure – Top 20 Reasons for Failure in your Life | How to Success in My Life

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Failure – Top 20 Reasons for Failure in your Life | How to Success in My Life


Every man’s steps to success begin with the failures he achieves in the first place. Because in the lives of fellow achievers who have tasted the greatest success in their lives, they have met with the greatest failures in most of their times. But no matter what failure they face, they know the reasons for such failure and fight against it to achieve the success that this world cannot achieve. Thomas Alva Edison once said, “I did not fail. I did it ten thousand times to learn that it is not possible to do that. ” Thus every achiever in history has learned a lesson from the failures they have experienced in their lives and it has been a pillar of their success.

But today many people are constantly failing by abandoning their attempt at the failure they are experiencing and repeatedly doing it again without knowing the reasons for that failure. In fact, we all know exactly the reasons for failure and correct such mistakes but of course, success will not be so hard to taste. In this article, I have mentioned the Top 20 Reasons for Failure in Your Life. Read this in its entirety and turn all our failures into successes.

1. Lack of proper purpose and ambition.

Without the right goal and ambition to achieve in life, there is no chance of success. Because many people who do not want to progress in life are living his life without any goal and ambition. For such, success is seen as an octagon. Achieving success by yourself can be a daunting task if you do not set out on your journey with a clear goal and goal in mind. So set your goals and move on.

2. Lack of diligence

Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. But gradually we abandon the attempt as soon as the first signs of failure appear. But those who act with perseverance as its quality mantra end up failing.

3. Lack of self-discipline

Self-discipline is essential for success. Self-discipline is caused by self-control. Self-discipline means otherwise you will give up your effort when problems come up. You have to get used to controlling yourself before you can control situations. If you can’t control yourself, you will be defeated by yourself.

4. Lack of decision-making ability

Winners are quicker to make decisions and make decisions. But are slow to change them. Failures are slow to make decisions and change them frequently. Thus the inability to make decisions and changing them frequently can lead to a series of failures.

5.Lack of adequate literacy

Adequate academic knowledge cannot be obtained only by completing a college degree. Beyond that, experiential knowledge is literacy. That is, it refers to the knowledge we acquire of ourselves. Thus having only written knowledge is not academic knowledge. Rather, it is the diligent and efficient implementation of the knowledge we have acquired.

6. Environmental impacts

The negative aspects of the family environment and the external environment that we encounter in childhood are also reflected in our lives. This is because many people who are involved in crime get into such an attitude by having illicit relationships because they grew up in a bad environment during their childhood or adolescence. So success can only be achieved if we stay away from the negative environment as much as possible.

Is true knowledge. You will not be paid for the education you receive. Instead, you are being paid for how you act with that knowledge.

7. Fear

Fear of failure blocks our path to success. Thus the fear of failure prevents us from making many attempts to succeed. Thus we stay away from trying. Thus the fear we have after a certain period of time will leave us and bring success closer to us as we continue to make our effort to stop fearing failure.

8. Illness

It is impossible for any person to taste success without good health. So focusing on our health as much as possible will protect us from failure and lead us to the side of success. Such health disorders are caused by lack of proper exercise, wrong thinking or negative thinking, improper breathing habits and insufficient amount of refreshing air, and overeating of unhealthy foods.

9. Taking too much time

This is one of the main reasons for failure. The habit of procrastination is waiting to ruin our chance of success. The reason most of us fail is that when we do something we are looking forward to the right time for it. It is never the right time for anyone. So start your efforts right now. Start your endeavor with the facilities at your disposal now. Over time, you will find many ways to make your endeavor a success.

10. Lack of capital

This is one of the main reasons why first-time entrepreneurs fail. Because, when we face the first failure in the first attempt we make, we must have the mental strength to overcome it as well as the cash strength. Only then will we be able to continue in the industry.

11. Lack of ability to cooperate

One of the most important is the ability to collaborate with others to achieve success. Because by absorbing the opinions of others and acting with respect to them, they will find the way to our own success. Otherwise, we will surely fail if we do not oppose others and cooperate with them in the right way.

12. Bad Habits

If you are found to be overly involved in overeating, alcohol abuse, or drug abuse, these can lead to your downfall. Too much involvement in any of these can be an obstacle to your success and turn you into a permanent loser.

13. Inattention

One who is half-hearted in any one matter cannot always be better. Thus stop being half-hearted and focus all your efforts on a single rounded goal. Thus when your focus is distracted it will be a very difficult one to be able to achieve your goal. Thus all your efforts are more likely to end in failure. So do the things you do as carefully as possible.

14. Choosing the Wrong Profession

Under no circumstances can you ever achieve great success in a job you do not like. Choosing a job that you love and that you love wholeheartedly is one of the most essential for your success.

15. Choosing the Wrong Business Associates

This is one of the main reasons why businesses fail. We expect the leader of that company to be an inspiring, intelligent, successful leader when we are looking for a job. Similarly, those who are business associates with us should be better informed and able to make decisions. Because we also adopt the characteristics of those with whom we are most in touch. Our business partners will have valuable trait interests but we will also achieve such traits.

16. Choosing the Wrong Life Partner

When we make this mistake we have to fail not only in our business but in our whole life. A marital relationship is a relationship that is very intimate between two people. Failure will surely follow us if this relationship is not harmonious. It will also be a failure to uproot our ideal.

17. Lack of Honest Character

In some unavoidable cases, you may temporarily act dishonestly. But when you deliberately choose to be dishonest, your chances of success are slim. Thus when you continue to be dishonest you may lose your value and independence and end up in permanent failure.

18. Excessive Warning

A person who does not dare to do anything will have to follow the surplus left by others. This is because it is just as bad to act without enough caution as it is to act with the same amount of caution. So you need to protect yourself from both of these conditions.

19. Guessing Instead of Thinking

Most people are not interested in gathering the actual information they need to think. In other words, they are lazy. They choose to act on the opinions generated by speculation instead of thinking and acting. This will definitely lead to failure.

20. Lack of Saving Habits

You can never succeed if you are afraid of poverty. Develop the habit of continuously saving a certain amount of your income. Thus saving will help you in the event of later risks to you. If you do not save, you will have to accept the pay and keep the job and live contentedly


The above 20 factors mentioned above are the most important factors that lead to failure. So make every step you take with these twenty factors a success. Surely successes in your life will warm you up. Congratulations on behalf of Our website personal finance and investment not only for reading this post but also for implementing all the activities mentioned in it in your life and making it a success.

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