Earn Money Through Passive Income! How do you make money?

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How is your money-making mindset? By Money Making Mindset I mean your money-making mindset.
Ok, just a moment…before proceeding I want you to think a little bit on this point… Think about how you want to see cash inflow in life…, I mean what is going to be your main source of earning… Just visualize how you are earning money in the future.

what did you think?

I bet maximum people must have thought of earning money through job or business, maybe some smart people have thought of earning money in both the ways…like…will do the job and earn good money from network marketing too…good, I sincerely appreciate this approach.
Whatever you think, but everyone’s thinking probably has one thing in common…” I have to do some work to earn money. ,
But today I want to talk to you about a new approach… “Earning money without working!”
Maybe it sounds strange to hear but why don’t we think about earning money without working .. by changing the mindset of active income and thinking about passive income.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income means this kind of income in which you do not have to be actively involved. For Ex. Income coming from the rent of a house or shop, your earnings from the sale of any copyrighted item, interest from your bank deposit, dividend from shares… the income coming from any of your business, which is handled by the manager appointed by you…
I see passive income as an income that can keep you active. Be able to keep active in those things in which you want to be active… that is, you work only then and do the work that you really want to do. If you want to go to the annual function of your child, then you can go, if you want to take the parents on the pilgrimage, then you can take them…. If you want to watch the match sitting at home, then you can watch… You should neither depend on your boss nor on the mercy of the customer for the holiday.
By passive income I don’t mean 4-5 thousand extra income every month, I see it as your main income… it can be 40-50 thousand and even 4-5 lakh… but it can not be that low To prevent you from going to the school function, from taking you to the pilgrimage and watching the match.
And I feel that today most of the logs who are leading a financially abundant life have an important source of income passive or semi-passive…. For example, today Chetan Bhagat is earning crores from the royalty of his novels… The major income of big movie stars is not from their acting fees but from their investment in different types of businesses, hotels, restaurants. And they get these businesses. Don’t even have to go to see…even Sachin Tendulkar And you must have heard about Kapil Dev’s restaurants and hotels, and if we talk about big businessmen too, then many of their businesses are such in which they are not actively involved, but rather appoint a CEO. And focus elsewhere. In fact, if you want to earn more money in life, then you must definitely think about passive income.

Where to get Passive Income?

Where are you getting the Active from? Friends, today you are able to generate active income or will be able to do it because you have thought about it, not once – twice but hundreds – thousands of times … If you study this, you will get such a job, if you take out PO then become a bank manager. If you can open an internet cafe then it will be fine… if you become a wholesaler, you will benefit a lot… There is no doubt that whatever you are doing today is the result of your earlier thinking. Thought because since childhood we see our parents…relatives all live life as this…work – earn money…work – earn money…and it never comes to our mind that work, earn money and use that money in such a way that it earns so much money that we do not have to work under compulsion. So what if our forefathers retired at sixty… why don’t we think about it now; Retire at forty instead of sixty, and live the rest of your life without worrying about money!
My purpose in writing this post today is that you should start thinking about at least passive income, because if you start thinking then the law of attraction will create such avenues and opportunities in front of you from where you will be able to generate passive income. … to do this it is not necessary that we have crores of rupees surplus, we can move in this direction even with our small investments… I also started thinking about this very late if I had thought 10 years ago. Maybe today passive income would have been my main source of income…but anyways .. it’s better late than never
Friends, in the end, I would like to clarify that by telling you about developing a passive income mindset, I do not want to give you the idea of ​​running away from work or not, I just want to inspire you to reach a situation where you just do what you want to do, and when you will be able to do so, then you will prove to be much more useful for yourself, your family and this society.
All the best.
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