12 Easy Ways to Save Money

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12 Easy Ways to Save Money

In today’s time, every person wants to earn money and at the same time he also wants to save that money, he thinks that he can save more and more money. But then in another place, he thinks that I earn the same amount of money, how can I save money in this too.

Friends, people who think that they cannot save money and they cannot save money, then today in this post we are going to solve the same problem, today we will tell you how to save money best tips and We will tell you about salary in salary, well as money investment tips.

The reason behind the savings you make is that you can have financial freedom in the future, you do not have to think before investing, you can spend easily. Earning more and more money will not solve your financial problems unless you learn to save money, but you do not know that km income.

Simple Money-Saving Tips

In today’s era, saving money has become very important, some people know about how to save money, the best way to save money, they invest their money in different places. tries to save. We need to be ready for our future now, which is why people are investing. There are many options such as mutual funds etc. You can start with small savings by investing in them, which gives you a good return in the future.

People have very easy ways by which they can save, some of the ways of saving money are as follows:

Monthly Budget

Once you have come to know how much money you are spending where and in waste, then you will know from this where you have to save your savings.

What we mean here is that you should make your monthly budget. You should think beforehand that where you should invest how much money.

Once you know how much is being spent in a month, you can create a budget according to the record. After making a budget, you can control your expenses and expenses that exceed the limit.

If you cannot sit with a copy pen daily to write what and where has been spent, then you can download any app from the play store and update it daily that how much money you have spent. Those people who really want to save, should always take out some money from their salary and make the budget of the house with the remaining amount. All types of expenses should be written in this budget so that if there is any unnecessary expenditure then it can be stopped.

High Interest on Saving Bank Account

To save money, many people deposit their money in the bank in the name of a saving account, where they get 4% interest. So in this place, you have to find such banks which can give you more interest in your savings. Because there are many banks that provide 6% interest instead of 4%.

Apart from this, you can use Auto Sweep Facility so that more money lying in Saving Account gets automatically converted into Fixed Deposit and you get interested equal to FD.

Don’t Spend Money on Things You Don’t Use

There are many people who buy anything in enthusiasm and in grief, after bringing it, they regret that they should not have brought it. Like many people take gym membership for years and they go only 2-3 times in a year.

If you have subscribed to a magazine or magazine but do not get it, then stop such subscription, then in such a place you will have to recuse yourself from spending extravagantly if you do not waste your money by buying something that will not work for you. . Even with these small things, you can make big savings.

Use online Shopping and Save Money

You can show some money by shopping online. Because at the time of online shopping you get some discount as well as you also get return policy, so if you do not like the same then you can return it.

So if you do offline shopping on the other side, then you will have to pay the fare for going to that place separately as well as you will not get any discount and also you will get a chance to return the goods you do not like.

Therefore, try as much as you can to shop from the discount that is being given to us. Online shopping is both money-saving and time-saving for you.

Leave Expensive Habits – Quit Expensive Habits

You have to leave your habits that you have kept only for mourning, due to which the annual amount of your salary is spent.

We want to say here that if you have any grief like drinking cigarette or beedi or drinking alcohol, then you should reduce the use, it is bad for your health as well as it will not let you save money too. It also happens that if you have taken membership of an expensive club, then you should give up such expensive habits. By doing this your money will also be saved and at the same time your health will also be good.

Divide Income Ratio

If you divide every part of your salary, where you have to spend, then you can also save your money. For example, if you divide 100% in the expenses of 30% of the house and 40% of the children’s education and house rent and 10% in any small expenses of your daily, then if you make a ratio in this way then your It will be easy for you to save money.

With this, you save up to 20% and you can invest more money in your savings. So this is also a way to how work in salary

Save Money on Mobile and Internet Expenses

To save, first of all, this expenditure should be deducted. If you are using Postpaid Plan, then you should take a prepaid connection according to your use, so that we do not overuse it. If there is internet in everyone’s phone in your house, then you can use it by putting a pack in the mobile of any one or two.

We should get the balance and internet recharge done according to the requirement of our month. After the arrival of Jio, data has become cheaper and the total mobile expenses have come down, but you have to keep in mind that plan for as much data as you need. This is also an easy way to know about how to pay.

Save Electricity, Save Money

There are many people who do not pay attention to such small things and think that how much we will save by this. But what they forget is that the tiny drop is the flood. It also comes in money-saving tips that savings can be made on electricity bills too, but most of us ignore it due to our laziness, but they are wrong. Even if people do not need tube lights and fans, they turn them on.

Always keep in mind that when you go out of the room, then turn off all the switches and teach this to the children in your home too. So that you can save not only money but also electricity. And also can help the country in lighting someone else’s house.

Save Money on Traveling

Nowadays, everyone uses their own vehicles, even if they have to go nearby or even go to the office. So you have to avoid such extravagant expenses because it only costs you petrol as well as pollution. So even if you use public transport to go out, then it saves money, as well as pollution, can also be avoided.

Avoid Credit Cards

Friends, this is a sweet expense, which feels good to have but only a credit card holder can understand the pain of what happens after that. Friends, we want to explain to you here that if you are not able to control your expenses, then it is better that you do not use credit cards.

If you use a credit card, then you will have to exercise some restraint in it, if you do not work with time, then you find that you have spent too much, then you have done it like this.

Don’t fall into the trap of showing off or in any competition

It is neither good for your financial health nor for your mental health. That’s why you should not be in competition with anyone. Spend only as much as you can. By taking credit cards and personal loans, you spend only for show, then it knows your stupidity.

Continue with the EMI of the discontinued loan

If you have cleared any of your loans, do not stop the EMI. That is to say, you no longer need to pay that EMI to your lender, rather you can continue to pay that EMI to yourself. You can invest that EMI money through a SIP in a mutual fund or in a recurring deposit.

Cultivating the habit of saving can be a bit difficult for you, but trying to inculcate such a habit can help you create a huge amount of money along with financial security.

Use Induction Stoves

LPG is not the best way to cook food. You can also save on LPG. There are many dishes while cooking which do not require direct gas, then induction should be used at that time. These stoves run on electricity but very little electricity is used in them and in this way we can save on LPG.

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