25 Passive Income Business Ideas in 2021

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Friends, today we are going to see 25 passive income business ideas in 2021. Do you also want that money to keep coming into your account even while sleeping? So it is possible in today’s time with passive income. Friends, with the help of this you can bring freedom to your life.

But many people do not know what is passive income? So in today’s article, we are going to tell you what is passive income? And how can you make passive income? So if you also want to make passive income then definitely read this article completely today.

What is Passive Income?

Friends, Passive Income means that you are earning money even while you are sleeping, that is, even when you are sleeping, you keep getting money without working, which is called Passive Income.

Building a business that requires time but allows you to work less as the business is running is a great way to generate passive income.

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1. Blogging

Passive income idea usa

Friends, all of you must know about blogging, where you can share your knowledge, thoughts, ideas, and your content. Friends, for blogging, you need a good laptop, internet connection, and the most important topic on which you want to write a blog.

Friends, you should write a blog on that topic in which you have knowledge so that you can share your knowledge with others. You can choose the topic for the blog according to you. Whether it will be health-related, or technology-related, you can take anyone topic in which you have complete knowledge of that topic.

After starting a blog, you have to write good articles that people like and people come again to read your articles on your website. The more people you write, the more people will come to your website, and the more people come to your website, the more your income. will be more. And friends, whenever you write a blog, your content should be new so that your competition is less.

You do not need to invest much in blogging, here you will only pay for two things, first domain name and second for hosting. Friends, as soon as the traffic on your website increases, you can earn good money by applying Adsense, this is also a very good passive income source.

2. Investing

Passive income

Friends, if every successful person understands the power of investing, then this is what we will see in 25 passive income business ideas in 2021. Warren Buffet is the fourth richest man in the world, he has achieved so much by investing, if you have money, then invest it.

Don’t do the work yourself, put your money to work so that you can live a comfortable life and do all your work with money. Friends, there are many types of investment, such as stock, property, FD, gold, mutual fund, etc. But if you want to multiply money manifold, then first investment stock and second mutual fund stock take some technical skills.

So you can invest in Mutual Funds but invest after doing research because there is a lot of risk in investment. But there is also a lot of money in investing if you do it in the right way.

Friends, you can also invest your money in the share market, but you need to have complete knowledge of the stock market for that, it is also a very good source of investing.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Passive income

Affiliate marketing means you refer an online product to others and he buys that product from the same link and you get commission according to the price of that product.

The commission can be anything from one rupee to one lakh rupees, it depends on what your product is. To start affiliate marketing, you have to join the affiliate program, which you can easily join by going to Amazon Associate or Flipkart Associate, by going here you have to suck any product and share its affiliate link on your social media…

You have to share the link in such a place where there is more audience like youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Friends, the challenge here is twenty so that you should have an audience, the more audience you have, the more money you will be able to earn.

If you have more fan following on any social media platform then it is very good for you. Even if you do not have many followers, you can do this, what you have to do is WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, all the business pages here, you have to share the link of your product so that more and more people click on your link. Let’s buy that product and you get its commission.

4. Rent A House

Friends, our next topic in 25 passive income business ideas in 2021 is to rent your house, friends, if you have a house or a room that you do not use and it remains the same, then this is a means of passive income for you. Can be made.

Yes, friends, if your house is empty, then you can earn a lot of money by renting it out, if you want, you can also adopt air BnB, here millions of people find rooms so that their hotel money is saved and you can earn money. By giving room to such people. There are so many people in the world who are earning lakhs of rupees from this, you too can make a good passive income by using this method.

If your house is in such a place where there is a tourist place, then it is even better for you so that all the people who come to visit there stay in your house instead of a hotel. You will get a lot of money even for a day, you can give your house at work rate from the hotel so that more and more people take your house on rent.


If you have a lot of knowledge on any topic, whatever knowledge you have, then it will run business, health, motivation, then you can easily publish it on AMAZON by making an e-book. Friends, it is so much that it will take a lot of hard work to make an e-book, but once you create an e-book, whenever someone buys it, the money in your account will automatically increase.

AMAZON will transfer money to your account by deducting 10% to 20%, if you have more followers on any social media platform, then you can sell your e-book that too. Friends, let us tell you that the best platform to sell an e-book is Instagram. But you have to work hard for it. What you have to do, you have to open a page on Instagram on any topic on which you want to write an e-book.

After opening the Instagram page, you have to post daily on that page, you have to do anything to increase the followers of your Instagram page, the more people join you, the more you will be able to be successful in online business. That is why you can use Instagram to sell your e-book or you can also sell your e-book from other social media platform, this is also a very good way of passive income.


Friends, real estate means buying any property and selling it at a higher profit. You can also make a good passive income by investing your money in real estate. So this is what we will see in 25 passive income business ideas in 2021. Friends, let us tell you that the demand for real estate is increasing day by day.

But for this, a lot of money has to be invested. If you have more money then you must invest your money in real estate. To do real estate business, you should have a lot of knowledge about it. So that you never go into loss and you should also have an identity that can be used to sell or buy property.

You must have seen that a lot of people need money, but they do not have money, for these people sell their property for work, you have to pay more attention to such property.

So that you can get the property at a low price and you can sell it at the highest price. Friends, real estate is also a good passive income source, just you have to keep an eye on the property that from where you will get the property at a lower price. You are going to get good money from this without any hard work, so you should focus on the real estate business.


Friends, the next topic of our 25 passive income business ideas in 2021 is a podcast. Podcast means to share any knowledge, idea, content in the form of audio. If you are good at speaking, you have power in your voice, then you can start a podcast. Podcasts are also a good option to earn passive income.

You will get a lot of websites for this, you can do this work on any social media platform to start a podcast. You can sell stories books in your voice, all this in audio, only then you will get a very good passive income.


Friends, Instagram is a good way to earn passive income. So let’s see how you can earn money from Instagram. You have to create a page on Instagram, on which you have a lot of followers, this is also a good idea of 25 passive income business ideas in 2021.

If you do not have many followers then you have to increase followers because only when you have followers you can earn money from Instagram. What you have to do to increase followers, all you have to do is to make one or as many posts on that topic every day, on the topic on which you have opened your page.

And remember you have to do this daily, make a post or a video and upload it. This will increase your more and more followers, now let’s see how you can make a passive income from it, once you have a page with more followers, then you can promote other’s products from your Instagram page. And you can also promote other small pages. A lot of small pages will ask you to promote and people will come to you to promote the product.

You can earn money by fixing different rates for all the promotions you have. Believe me, new people will come to you every day to promote yourself, so once you have a page with more followers, then it can become a way for you to earn a very good passive income.


Friends, instead of writing, you can make and sell courses of videos, you can share them on websites like UDEMY, SKILLSHARE. Most of people like to watch courses in programming, photoshop, graphic design these things, if you do not know all this, then you can earn money by putting your videos on YouTube and you can make and sell courses.

Similarly, if you are fond of clicking photos, then you can upload photos by visiting a platform like Shutterstock Icestock, now whenever someone buys your online courses or photos, money will come in your account. Friends, this is also a very good way to earn passive income.


Clickbank is similar to affiliate marketing. Just here you can sell digital products, or you can promote, here you get much more commissions than Amazon, you can earn a commission up to 75% on ClickBank.

All you have to do is go to the click bank, suck the product from there and get it sold with the help of the link. As soon as someone buys that product from the link given by you, then your bank may keep getting money. Friends, what do you have to do, whatever product you have selected, you have to reach the link of that product to as many people as possible so that more and more people go to your given link and buy any product and you keep getting money.

11. YouTube

Friends, YouTube is also a very good platform when it comes to passive income ideas online. You can also earn passive income from YouTube, for this, you have to open your own YouTube channel. Remember that you have to name your channel on the topic on which you are going to make videos. For example, if you are going to make business-related videos, then you have to keep its related name, if you are going to make health-related videos, then you have to keep its related name.

After the channel is open, you have to upload regular videos on your channel and the video you will upload should be of video quality. The more quality videos you make, the more you will get new beavers and the more beavers you have, the more money you will get.

Now we will see how you will get YouTube money? Friends, as soon as you open the channel, you have to first fulfill the criteria of YouTube like your watch time should be 4000 hours, your subscribers should be 1000, as soon as all this is completed you have to create an Edson account, after creating an Edson account, you That account has to be associated with your YouTube channel.

As soon as you add the account, ads will start appearing on your videos, as if someone clicks on that ad, then you will get money, friends passive income ideas YouTube also has a lot of demand, you can earn much better passive income than this…


So friends passive income ideas in 2021 2021 we will see the stock market. So, friends, the stock market is also a very good way to earn money, in which you can earn money by buying shares of any company and selling them. If you are afraid to invest money in the stock market that we will lose, then friends this is absolutely wrong.

If you want that you do not lose in the stock market, then you should always check the Nifty Fifty website, friends, what is this Nifty Fifty? If you do not know this, then you can read the article of the share market. So, friends, you have to check Nifty Fifty because that is where you will know whether you have to invest money or not, if Nifty is around 10 then you can invest more money.

And if Nifty is around 30 then invest less money or don’t invest at all. Because this can cause you a loss, so friends, you do not need to take advice from anyone about the stock market. Whenever you want to invest money in the stock market, always invest only after watching Nifty, so you will not lose. So, friends, the stock market is also a very good way to earn passive income.


So friends, now let us see how we can make passive income from Google Ads. Friends, the first thing Google AdSense gives money is from where is Google’s own program and Google Advert means that people who want to add their product or their own, who want to advertise their own big companies, they give their ads by paying money. Google advertises.

So the companies that make such ads give their ads to Google Adverts without visiting different websites, so what does Google Advertise do, the same ad is given to Google AdsenSe, now friends, what does AdSense do? Anyone can open an account on AdSense, for you need 3 things, one should be your YouTube channel or you should have a blog, or you should have a website. So guys what does Google AdSense do? The same ad gives you.

If you have on your website or blog or your YouTube channel, then on your YouTube channel and as soon as people click on that ad, then you will get money from Google Ads for that, then friends, you can also make a very good passive income with the help of Google Ads. can.


Friends, now we see the next way of passive income ideas in 2021 which is play store. You can also make a very good passive income from the play store. If you have knowledge of technology and you have done any app-related courses and if you have to make an app then you can earn a lot of money from it. So friends, what do you have to do, you have to make any app that people like and you have to put that app on the play store.

What you have to do the most, whenever you create your Play Store account, then you have to link your Play Store account with Google Adson so that the ad shows in your app. As soon as any person clicks on that ad while using you, then his money keeps getting deposited in your bank account, you can earn money even while sleeping.

If you do not have knowledge about development and you do not know how to make an app, then there is a lot of such application in the play store with the help of which you can earn money.


Friends, this is also a very good way to earn passive income, so let us see the Create Your Business Model in passive income in 2021. Friends, the only difference between a professional and a businessman is that as long as a professional work, he gets money only if a doctor does a meeting with his patient, he gets money only when he is at home. It happens that he does not get the money then.

So, friends, this is an example, but a businessman becomes a business model, from which that businessman continues to earn income, so friends, if you have good money and have a good product, then you must create a business model.

If you have created a business model by working hard and after that even if you are sitting at home even then money will keep coming in your bank account. Friends, let us tell you that passive income ideas for students can also be very useful.


Friends, now you must be thinking that what is the connection between book writing and passive income? So friends tell you that you can also make passive income from book writing, this is also a very good solution for passive income ideas 2021. Friends, who are a Harry Porter book writer, jk Wrolling, who is a famous author, earn so much money from book writing, he can buy a Lamborghini with his one day’s earnings and friends, he has not made any investment for this.

Just they have improved their writing skills, if you also have writing skills, then you too can make a passive income with the help of it, that too without investing anything. If you have a good idea, a good story, then you must convert it into book form. Because if one of your books is published, then as long as the copies of that book are sold, you will continue to earn income.


Friends, starting a business is one of the most difficult things that you have done to date, if you have to start a new business of your own, then it takes a lot of money. If you invest all the money in the startup of the business, then you will not have anything left after starting the business because as much money is needed to start the business, the same is needed even after starting the business.

So what to do for this, then what do you have to do, you have to buy the business that is already standing, if you are given an example, whether it is a website, a blog, or a YouTube channel, you can buy it. Friends, there are many people who grow websites, blogs, YouTube channels and do the work of selling them, then you too can take advantage of it. You can buy any such social media platform on which people have traffic and start your own business on it.


If you have a laptop or computer then you can start your freelancing business where people will give you money for doing different work. He will give you money in return, friends, you have to make your profile on it.

The people who want you to get the work done will contact you, friends, remember that the better work you do, the more your profile will be shown at the top and the more work you will have at the top of your profile. You will get small jobs in the beginning, but as soon as your profile comes to the top, you will start getting big things and you can earn money by working whenever you want.


Friends, money is in the market, a means of catching the bus is needed, but to sell, the soil is also sold here, just the experience of selling is needed. Friends, who do not know about OLX, if anyone wants an old product, then he definitely looks on OLX. So, friends, you know that you can earn very good money from OLX too.

You have to bring a product from OLX or from anywhere and keep a margin on it and sell it on OLX, people will call you sitting at home and those people will come to you themselves to buy the product, so friends how to buy the product and how to sell it.

Friends, you can also talk to your friends that they have a good product if they have something to sell like a phone or a bike, then you can buy it at work rate and sell it on OLX by putting margin according to you. . For example, if suppose you bought a phone for 4000, then you can sell it on OLX for 6000. After seeing that, the customer will call you, he will also ask to reduce the price of the product.

So friends, even if you make a profit of 500 rupees on that product, then you should sell that product, if you do not get any product from friends, then you can buy the product from OLX and sell it. Suppose someone has to sell a bike for 40000 then you can buy that bike and sell it for 50000. So, friends, you can also make passive income on OLX.


Friends, you must know that passive income meaning in 2021 means that earning money without any hard work is his next idea DROPSHIPPING. Friends, this business is becoming very popular hot in India. You too can start your dropshipping business sitting at home without investing any money and you cannot even guess how much money you can earn. But that depends on which product you are dropshipping.

and how much is the demand of that product in the market, now what is dropshipping! Suppose you have a friend who sells clothes, then what you have to do is to sell the same clothes online as your friend has, you can sell the same clothes through Facebook, WhatsApp and if you want, you can do your own shopping. You can also sell by making a website.

Or you can also do it on a website like Amazon Flipkart, what will happen in it, the goods will be of your friend, in the same way, you have to buy that item from your friend and send it to the customer’s address. Now let’s see how you will benefit from this, suppose your friend is selling some clothes for 200 rupees, then sell the same clothes online for 300 rupees.

In that, you will get the benefit of 100 rupees. This was a very simple example to understand! So, friends, you can make a very good passive income with the help of dropshipping in this way.


You can create digital products such as photoshop templates, video templates, click photos, produce music, create music effects. Friends, this is a digital product, you have to make it only once and it gets sold according to the time and you keep getting money.

ou can build a lot of passive income from this, if you have the skills, then friends why will it grow passive income ideas in India in 2021 because most of the people like digital products, people spend money on digital products with full confidence.

Earlier it used to be that people did not do digital purchases, people did not believe, people used to say that I am taking a tool of $ 20, it will work or not, such people were afraid. So what is this thing, people are slowly starting to understand that all these things are important? So people are making such purchases now, then you can do this passive income idea to start today, start this work from today itself.


Friends, the next topic of our passive income business is BUY DIGITAL ASSETS. Whether you have websites, apps, blogs or some online tools, you can buy those who are already earning something.

Now as an example, there is a blog that is earning $ 100, which is making passive income, you can buy it. You will get such blogs for at least 5 to 6 lakh rupees, if once you buy it, then you will continue to have passive income.

It will keep generating you $100 every month so it will be a good way if you have money to invest. If friends, you will have some knowledge that how can I improve that thing, then you can increase its income by buying a blog like we have given you an example of 100 dollars every month, then friends if you have its knowledge. If so, you can also increase the income of those blogs by uploading blogs regularly.


So friends, a lot of people are doing this in passive income sources usa if you are a developer then you can develop an online tool. And they can generate passive income by creating some of these subscription models.

For example, suppose you have created such a tool by using the API, through which you can automatically schedule your post on Instagram, on Tiktok, on Facebook, and all other social media, but only with the help of one of your tools, one image to the people. You have to create and publish it, it will be automatically posted on all platforms at your scheduled time, but to use this tool, people will have to pay you 10 dollars every month, so you can make a lot of passive income by creating such online tools. can.

According to you, you can take the monthly rate of your tools, if you have the technical knowledge and you know how to make tools, then you can earn passive income by making similar types of tools and giving different rates of the month to each of the tools, friends, this idea There is a very good demand for passive income ideas in usa 2021.


If you also have such a skill, then you can earn good money with its help, even if you do not have the skill, you can learn it. What can you do with it? You can do things like T-shirt printing, cups printing, if you take a plain T-shirt and give your logo by making your design on it, then it will become a brand.

You do not have to spend much to make such a T-shirt, you will get a plain shirt at very low prices, you can design it in your own way and make it a brand and sell it at higher prices.


Friends, what used to happen earlier than if you had to buy a domain, then you could also buy it for free, but now many people do digital work. So now if you see all the domains have already been registered, you have to buy the domain you want by paying money. So how can you earn money from this? What you have to do, you have to find such keywords, which are going to be in great demand in the future.

As business-related you have to find such keywords and you have to purchase those domains, you will get it for less money because they are not in demand now but in future, they will be in demand then you can sell them for more money as you want. can sell.


So friends this was Passive Income Ideas in 2021. With the help of this article, we have told you 25 such ways with the help of which you can earn passive income. I hope that you have liked this article today, if you liked this article, then definitely share it with your friends and also turn on the notification bell of the website so that in the coming time you can read any article. Do not miss it because we keep bringing such helpful articles for you daily. If you have any problem related to this article then you can ask us by commenting thank you.

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