15+ Low Investment Business Ideas In 2021

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15+ Low Investment Business Ideas In 2021

There is a desire to start a business in many people but due to lack of knowledge and money, they are not able to start their business. In such a situation, many people are facing financial conditions. So friends, today we will tell you which are the best Low Investment Business Ideas that you can start with very little capital.

Not only in our country but in the whole world due to covid-19 and lockdown, many people have lost their jobs. Due to this the economy of the whole country has become weak. The level of unemployment has increased in the country.

In this situation, many people are looking to start their own business, it is a very good thing. Having your own business is more beneficial than doing a job.

In this article, we have given business ideas to be done in such low investment, which you can do from your home, online, or even part-time at a very low cost. And you can make a good income.

Low Investment Business Ideas List in 2021

1) Online Tutoring

If you have an interest in the teaching field then this business idea can be very beneficial for you. You can start online coaching without spending any money sitting at your home. Nowadays there are many free apps available for online teaching in the market. You can download any one of these apps and register in it.

You can choose any subject in which you have very good knowledge and you are an expert in that subject. You can increase the number of students for online coaching from anywhere, you can use social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

By recording your lectures, you can increase the number of students by creating your own channel on Youtube and uploading it too. You can run premium classes using Google Meet, Zoom App, Techmint, Microsoft Team App. Through this, you can make a very good income for the month.

2) Online Product Reselling

If you have an android phone and you know how to use social media then this is a very easy way for you to earn money sitting at home. There are many apps available for online reselling. In which ‘Meesho App’ is a very good reselling app.

Different types of products are available on this app. Which you can earn money by selling products by sharing them on different groups through your social media. You will get complete information about how you can earn more money from Meesho.

3) Cloud Kitchen

Cloud kitchen is one of the most trending business ideas in today’s online business. Cloud kitchen means it is such a business that you have to make and sell food items through an online platform from your home or shop. There are four steps to start this business such as registration, setup, packaging, delivery.

If you can do good cooking and have an interest in the food industry and you want to start your own hotel or restaurant but you are short of money, then this business can prove to be very beneficial for you.

If you know how to make Kohi Recipe very good like Vadapav, Pizza, Burger, Biryani, Pav Bhaji, or any other Kohi. So you can start this business from single men also. In this, you can start this business from your home with very little money.

4) Video Game Streaming

Today’s children waste their time playing online games. Some children are very adept at playing games. So by using this gaming skill, they can earn money and can also have a good career in it.

The advantage of this will be that their time will not be wasted and they can earn money with the hobby of playing their games. You can stream your games online by creating a channel on Youtube or you can also do a job as a games tester in a gaming company.

5) Business Of Making Masks

Due to Covid-19, it has become mandatory for all people to wear masks across the country. That’s why almost everyone started wearing masks, due to which the demand for masks has increased in the market. By taking advantage of this opportunity, you can earn a lot by doing the business of mask making while sitting at home.

In the time of Corona, you can earn good money from this business idea. You can do this business along with the help of any machinery. Due to this the quantity and quality of your product will also improve.

You can also make handmade masks for which you can take the help of your family or friends. Apart from this, even after the corona is over, you can convert this business to make any other product such as cotton bags, napkins, or any other thing.

6) Content Writing

If you like to write, then you can earn a lot of money by doing content writing work. Due to Digital India and Internet, there has been a lot of demand for content in the market. This can be of great benefit to you.

You can make a good income by creating content for any company or blogger sitting at home. You can do this in your part-time or in full time also. If you want, you can create content in English or any language.

7) Hydroponics Farming

Hydroponic Farming This is a new technique of AC farming in which cultivation is done without soil. It is water-type farming. Which you can also do on the roof of your house. For which you do not need to have a lot of farming. This is a very good technique, in which you need very little wake, less manure to do farming.

Because of this, you can earn more money by investing less money through this business idea. In this, you can earn income by growing any type of vegetable like strawberry, chili, tomato, etc.

8) Bonsai Tree Making and Selling

Nowadays, many people like to decorate their office house with a good show or plant. Likes to keep bonsai trees in it. Due to which the demand for bonsai trees is increasing day by day.

Bonsai This is such a Japanese technique in which growing trees like peepal, mango, guava, fig are made in a very small size. After teaching this technique in this Business Ideas, by starting your own startup, you can make a good income by selling it online as well.

9) Blogging

If you have knowledge of any subject, then you can share it with people through blogging. To do blogging, you have to publish your knowledge online by writing an article.

You can do any type of blogging such as poems, stories, slogans, travel blogs, technology blogs, educational blogs, health, fitness, news, etc. You do not need any kind of qualification to do blogging. You can do blogging even if you are less educated.

Today there are many bloggers on the internet who are earning lakhs of rupees through their blogging. And some bloggers have made it their full-time business.

10) Freelancing Freelancing

Freelancing is a new-age way of working. Which you can do as a self-employed. Freelancers are those people who are not employed in any company. But through his skill, he completes the project of different company yo. In return, he takes some money from them. To do freelancing, you must have any kind of good skill. For example, if you like content writing, then you can create and give content to people. If you are interested in designing, you can also design a logo or website for them, if you know digital marketing, then you can give marketing to them.

The biggest advantage of freelancing is that you can do your work anywhere according to your time. In freelancing, you do not have to face any kind of boss pressure, you yourself are your own boss.

11) Become a Graphics Designer

Graphics Design It is digital art, in which images are made attractive with the help of text images and graphics. In today’s digital age, it has become very important for the business to have its digital presence and digital marketing. For which they need a lot of graphic designers to do work like logo design, newsletter, poster, banners, infographic images, brochures, etc.

If you know how to do graphic design work, then you can also do this work from your home. You can start working on it by taking projects from Linkedin, or freelancing websites, or by contacting direct companies.

12) Do Digital Marketing


Due to digitalization, the scope of digital marketing is increasing day by day. There are many departments of digital marketing. Such as website SEO, social media marketing, social media optimization, email marketing, search engine marketing, etc.

To do digital marketing, you must have its knowledge. If you have good knowledge and experience of digital marketing, then you can earn good money by doing online digital marketing of any product or company.

13) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing This is a marketing technique in which you have to sell the company’s product by taking the help of the internet to market the product. If you are successful in selling the product, then the company gives you some commission. This is the income of the affiliate marketer.

In some products, for example, on selling, the company gives you a commission ranging from 10% to 60%. Some affiliate marketers earn lakhs of rupees per month. You too can do this business by learning affiliate marketing.

14) Tiffin Center

Today, many people in our country life away from their families in distant cities to do jobs. And many people do not know how to cook, because of this they have problems with eating. In such a situation, if you are an expert in cooking, then you can start this Side Business Ideas easily from your home. Characteristically, this business can be very beneficial for domestic women.

You do not need to invest much to start this business idea. To start this business, you do not need a new shop i.e. shop, you can start using only the kitchen of your home and start it with a little material. You just have to pay attention to the quality of your food, this will help in increasing your customers, and you will be able to earn good profits.

15) Bakery Product Making And Selling

In today’s world, many children and adults also like to eat bakery products. Because of this, the demand for bakery products is always high in the market. Because of this, Bakery Products Making and Selling can prove to be a very good and profitable Business Idea.

For this business, you can choose different products such as Toast, Khari biscuit, Bread, Pav, Cupcake, Pastry, Cake, Cream Roll, etc. Either you can also do home delivery. If you can increase your business and make more income by selling products in more quantity to the distributor or to small and big hotels.




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