10 Low Investment Small Business Ideas

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10 Low Investment Small Business Ideas

Friends! Today we will give you information about “10 Small Business Ideas” in Hindi in less capital. Who doesn’t want to be rich in today’s time? Everyone wants to earn a lot of money. But can you earn a lot of money by doing a job? It’s not possible at all. You can only live for yourself and your family by doing a job and can save a little. You can’t do anything more than that. If you want to earn a lot of money and want to become rich then you have to do business for this.

Our country India is full of possibilities. According to the population of India, it is only China. That is why the whole world sees India as a market. And are engaged in promoting their product in India. That is why I have written this article keeping in mind those youths, who have talent and strong desire to do something. If you have made your goal to do business. So you read this article carefully.

If you have decided that you want to do business then you will need good planning to make it successful. After that, you will need some capital to invest. With the help of which you can open a startup.

In this article, we will tell you about such small “Successful Business Ideas”, which you can start as “Own Business” with less capital and earn good money.

1. Recruitment Firm

As education is developing in the country. Similarly, the number of educated and talented youth unemployed is increasing. Many young people today lose their jobs even after very good studies. They definitely have talent but they do not have a chance to get a good job, so you can give this opportunity to them by setting up a good recruitment firm.

Required things for this: Good communication skills, good contacts, and preparation to travel a little bit, in this business you should have good contacts with the HR manager of a good company, through which you can get good jobs for your clients i.e. students / unemployed people. In return, you can get a small fee from them.

2. Real Estate Consultancy

Our India country is a developing country. In the country, the population of the people living in the village is more than that of the city. But as the country is developing and new cities are being built. By the way, people are moving out of the villages and settling towards the cities.

Many people in cities want to buy a new house or want to take it on rent. You can help these people by becoming a real estate agent, in return, you will get your commission.

For this, you will have to develop a good relationship with the landlord and the skill of talking with new people. You can get a small commission in return for these new people by getting them their favorite houses.

By becoming a real estate agent, you will be able to earn money. Secondly, through you, the needy people will be helped.

3. Online Marketing Portal

Nowadays, many new startups are making many new things with their skills such as – electronic items, sports, clothes, etc. You can help them by selling these business and startup items.

 For this, you will have to create a website and have to learn a little about marketing. By developing your marketing skills, you can earn a lot of money in this business.

4. Mobile Shop Business

In today’s time, everyone is using Smart Phones. Ever since internet data has become cheaper, smartphone sales have increased significantly. In such a situation, opening a mobile shop can be a very profitable business.

A lot of capital will not be required for this business. You can start by renting a small shop. By researching which phones are more in demand in the market, you can keep a collection and gradually expand your mobile shop with increasing income.

5. Website and Blog

Blogging has emerged as the best option when it comes to earning money online. You live in any region of the country, but you can easily make a good income by blogging and creating a website.

You can start by choosing a good topic according to your interest. You should choose the subject in which you are interested and have knowledge.

You will need to be patient in the field of blogging. Because you will have to work well for 2 to 3 months. Only after that traffic will start coming to your blog.

6. Event Management Firm

If you are interested in doing management then you can start this business. Today in India, people like to celebrate most weddings and parties in big halls.

If you are a good event planner, then you can earn good money by planning these weddings and parties. If you want, you can also hire event planners.

You can start this business with very little cost, and earning from this business is also good.

7. Beauty Parlor Business

This business can prove to be a boon for women. This is the best and easiest business for women. Let’s start with very little capital. A woman can open a good beauty parlor by taking a Beautician Course.

8. Coaching Center

If you have good knowledge about any subject. And you are interested in teaching. So you can teach children. You open a coaching center. After that the level of information you have. Can easily teach children up to that class. Like you can teach children from class 6th to 12th.

If you are short of capital then initially you can teach home tuition. When you have enough capital to open a coaching center. So you can open a coaching center. You can earn a lot of money per month by starting this business.

9. Open Gym (Gym for women)

In today’s run-of-the-mill life, women have also started paying attention to their fitness and health. Especially in metro cities. Just the needy in your gym! There should be all the things, through which they can do good exercise.

If you take a course to provide a good Gym Training. If you have a little money, then you can rent a good place and start your own gym in it. Also, we can provide a safe and clean environment for that special woman.

10. Mobile Food Court (Food Truck)

The most trending business in today’s time is to drive a food truck. People like junk food a lot. It is prepared very quickly and is available at a low price. So if you have a little cooking experience, you can start your own business by starting a food truck.

Food Truck is one such moving restaurant. In which everything like gas connection, fridge, microwave oven, etc. is set.

Nowadays, there is also a grant from the government for food trucks, which you can get information about.

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